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Where can I get my bike?

There are three options...
1. At your address:
If you want to start from home, at the entrance of the zoo or close to the beach, we will deliver your bike wherever you want! During the booking process you can select the delivery option that applies to your location. If you want to make use of this, it is useful to book at least one day in advance, so that we can schedule the delivery.
2. Pick up in Omoño:

Park your car in Omoño, visit our nice workshop and drink a cup of coffee before starting your personalized route. You can start your bike ride perfectly in the village with various options for routes towards the mountains or the coast.
3. At a number of tourist locations:
We have our bikes permanently stored at a number of hotels and campsites nearby, so if you're staying there and there's availability, book online, ask for the equipment at reception and start your route right away!
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How do I use the e-bike?

There are some important things to have in mind when you ride an e-bike.
To be safe please watch this video and read the tips for a good experience. 
- Always CHARGE the battery when you come home after a ride, even if the battery is not completely empty. 
- Use the GEAR like if you were driving a car. Start by using the lowest gear and shift up when you gain speed. In this way the electric motor is used in the right way and will last longer.
- Keep your CADENCE (the amount of pedal strokes) high to maximize the battery range.
- For your safety; try the BREAKS slowly, because diskbreaks can be surprisingly strong.
- Going DOWNHILL? Turn the assistance off to avoid unexpected action from the electric motor.
- How to gain BATTERY RANGE? 1. Pedal strong with your legs to use less battery power 2. Going uphill uses much more battery compared to a flat route or downhill 3. Bringing heavy weight on the bike uses a lot of battery power 4. Using less support while cycling brings you further.
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How do I lock the e-bike?

1. Make sure you ALWAYS park the bike were you can see it. 
2. Lock the bike with the ABUS plug-in Chain Lock to a fixed and unmovable object were the chain can't be taken off. 
3. Always try to lock the front wheel, the frame and the back wheel.
4. The key has to be turned backwards to push the back-wheel lock down and the chain in.
5. Next turn it to a neutral position and take it out.
Lock the bike
Lock the bike
Lock the bike
Lock the bike
Lock the bike

What do I do when I have a technical problem with the bike?

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In case of any problem with your bike or any possible doubt (technical, usage, safety, loss etc.) contact us by phone and we will do everything to find the quickest solution. 
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Can I get a personalized route?

Of course you can! Part of the fun for us is to help you discover the nicest routes in the area adapted to your wishes. You can choose day tours, or short routes along the coast, visiting smaller villages or discovering the mountains. Let us know what you would like and we will plan something great for you. Check out the 'routes' page for more info.  

How can I pay?

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For a fast and transparent process you can make the reservation and pay online with VISA by clicking here. You can pay the security deposit and the rental price al together in the same payment or you leave the deposit in cash on the rental day itself. 
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Why do I have to pay a deposit?

We want to make sure that you have the best cycling experience so we rent the best bikes and a deposit (transfer or cash) is part of the deal. In any case you get your deposit back if the bikes come back without major damage. Small damages caused by use are always covered so don't worry!

What contract do I sign when I rent an e-bike?

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